Direct Fuel Buyer, we are looking for you.

Texas RGV Oilfield Support LLC. is on a mission to supply the world through our ‘One-Source Suppliers.’ Our suppliers, extract, refine, store, and ship. Look no further. The Texas RGV Oilfield Support LLC. team is here to connect you with a legitimate source of exactly what you are looking for. The product we provide is of premium grade and you can be assured our partners are here to deal with you in absolute transparency.

The Perfect Direct Fuel Buyer

As facilitators it is our mission to link the perfect buyer with the perfect seller. Who is the perfect buyer? You, as a buyer, will be ready to connect through a one-on-one conference call with our supplier. Through direct contact with the supplier, we hope to establish a life-long relationship and source of all petroleum products to our buyers. In an industry that is exploding with opportunity, locking down a trusted and sustainable resource is the most valuable move any investor can make. We look forward to building these connections with you.

Direct ‘One-Source-Supplier.’

What is a ‘One-Source-Supplier?’ It is one way to know your product is of outstanding quality. With our ‘One-Source-Supplier’ partnerships you can rely on a continuous supply of top grade product.

Crude Oils?

Refined Products?



Direct Fuel Buyer Network

Our network grows daily. There is nothing more important to us than to come into contact with reputable direct buyers. Hence, we present to you an opportunity to let us know who you are. Some of the question we have for prospective buyers:

  1. What do you look for in a partner?
  2. What product you are looking for?
  3. Do you have a logistics plan in place?
  4. What is the final destination for your product?
  5. How often will you require shipments, and for how long?

Direct Fuel Buyer Connect

Contact our team to begin developing your strategy now!

A simple method of contacting us is through the contact form at the bottom of this page. For expedited service and response, please have the answers to the questions above ready or included in your message. We also invite you to JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER! CLICK HERE!

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